Nouveaux fabricants

  • Commande ajoutée 27/06/2024 EDATEC
    EDA Technology Co., Ltd. (EDATEC) was established in 2017 by a team of top managers from Embest Technology. The founder and core team of EDATEC have been engaged with Raspberry Pi since 2012 while working at Embest Technology. This work included support for the global release and bulk production of the first generation of Raspberry Pi and then the bulk production of the second and third generations of Raspberry Pi. It also included the first and second generations of Raspberry Pi camera modules, the Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen, SenseHAT, and other Raspberry Pi products. EDATEC has been certified as one of the global design partners of Raspberry Pi since 2018, providing Raspberry Pi-based industrial computer design and manufacturing services for international customers.
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  • Commande ajoutée 27/06/2024 Micro-Mode
    Micro-Mode was established in 1971 and has AS9100, ISO 9001, and NADCAP certifications that give the company the capacity to design, develop, produce, and deliver products that meet even the most demanding space-qualified requirements. As a vertically integrated organization, Micro-Mode can develop, control, and schedule all critical manufacturing processes.
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  • Commande ajoutée 20/06/2024 RFbeam
    RFbeam Microwave is a leading supplier of planar radar sensors and radio frequency engineering services based in eastern Switzerland. Our product range includes simple, inexpensive Doppler sensors and highly integrated imaging radar devices.
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  • Commande ajoutée 20/06/2024 AEM
    AEM, Inc. is an award-winning high-tech company with its leading technologies in electronic components offering manufactured solutions and application-specific services to high-reliability OEM markets. AEM uses its technological expertise to grow its current limiting micro-fuse production successfully and holds a dominant position in the circuit protection market in the aerospace industry. AEM is the sole supplier of FM12-style high-reliability fuses listed on the DSCC-approved QPL. NASA and every other major manufacturer of satellites, spacecraft, and space-related hardware worldwide use AEM high-reliability fuses. AEM is the world's sole manufacturer of high-reliability ferrite chip beads designed for space and military use.
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  • Commande ajoutée 11/06/2024 Advanced Energy / TEGAM
    Advanced Energy / TEGAM was founded in 1979 and has explored methods and technology to improve the science of measurement so engineers can do their jobs more efficiently. With extensive experience designing and producing high-quality electronic and digital instruments, TEGAM has developed a wide portfolio of power sensors, calibration systems, digital thermometers, temperature calibrations, and other test and measurement devices.
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  • Commande ajoutée 14/05/2024 Elecrow
    Elecrow was established in 2014 and is a prominent open-source hardware and electronic component provider. With an extensive array of offerings, the company caters to the needs of a global clientele, delivering exceptional products and services. Unwavering commitment to innovation, superior quality, and competitive pricing have established Elecrow as a reliable collaborator for makers, technology enthusiasts, and industry experts worldwide.
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  • Commande ajoutée 14/05/2024 Breadstick Innovations
    Breadstick Innovations is a team of creative hardware developers re-imagining the electronics prototyping experience. Breadstick Innovations offers the Raspberry Breadstick, a long, lean, delicious development board with a unique form factor and high-quality components.
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  • Commande ajoutée 14/05/2024 MicroPhase
    MicroPhase Technology focuses on developing and providing solutions for embedded software and hardware systems. MicroPhase products are based on FPGA and Arm® processors. For core module products and system-level boards, the company focuses on customer applications, is application-oriented, listens to customers' stringent application requirements, and provide customers with highly reliable and stable embedded systems and customized solutions.
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  • Commande ajoutée 09/05/2024 RK Rose+Krieger
    RK Rose+Krieger is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-grade components and functional modules for automation and production applications with its main site in Minden, East Westphalia. This company offers a broad range of products in the fields of linear, profile assembly, connecting, and module technology, and supplies catalog products, bespoke units, system solutions, and special projects.
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  • Commande ajoutée 09/05/2024 BOPLA
    BOPLA features over 25,000 electronic component products and has been developing and manufacturing enclosures and membrane keypads for more than 50 years. Founded in 1977, this company has been a part of the Swiss group of companies of Phoenix Mecano AG, which operates internationally, and their enclosures can be found in various sectors, such as safety and security technology, telecommunications, automotive technology, and the field of medicine.
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