4D Systems SK-GEN4-43DCT Starter Kits

4D Systems SK-GEN4-43DCT Starter Kits for 4.3" gen4 Human Machine Interface (HMI) display modules. These starter kits include GEN4-ULCD-43DCT display module, 4D-Universal Programming Adapter (4D-UPA), 150mm FFC cable, 4GB industrial microSD card, and 5-way female-to-female ribbon cable with male-to-male adaptor. The SK-GEN4-43DCT starter kits are highly recommended for the first-time users of the GEN4-ULCD-43DCT display module. Additionally, the SK-GEN4-43DCT-PI starter kit includes a 4D serial Pi adaptor and the SK-GEN4-43DCT-AR starter kit includes a 4D Arduino adaptor shield-II.


  • Powerful 4.3" Intelligent LCD-TFT display module powered by DIABLO16
  • 480 x 272 resolution, RGB 65K true to life colors, and TFT screen with integrated capacitive touch
  • 6 banks of 32750 bytes of flash memory for user application code and data
  • 32Kb of SRAM
  • 16 general-purpose I/O pins for user interfacing that include 4 configurable analog inputs
  • The GPIO is variously configurable for alternative functions like:
    • 3x I2C channels available
    • 1x SPI dedicated for SD card and 3x configurable SPI channels available
    • 1x dedicated and 3x configurable TTL Serial comm ports available
    • Up to 6 GPIO can be used as pin counters
    • Up to 6 GPIO for PWM (simple and servo)
    • Up to 10 GPIO for pulse output
    • Up to 14 GPIO can be configured for Quadrature Encoder inputs (2 channels)
  • 30pin FPC connection, for all signals, power, communications, GPIO, and programming
  • On-board latch type micro-SD memory card connector for multimedia storage and data logging purposes
  • DOS-compatible file access (FAT16 format) and low-level access to card memory
  • Dedicated PWM audio pin-driven by WAV files from micro-SD card and for sound generation for an external amplifier
  • Display full-color images, animations, icons, and video clips
  • Supports all available Windows fonts
  • 4V to 5.5V range operation (single supply)
  • 127.6mm x 69.3mm x 8.1mm dimensions
  • RoHS and REACH compliant

Kit Contents

  • GEN4-ULCD-43DCT display module
  • 4D serial Pi adaptor in the SK-GEN4-43DCT-PI starter kit
  • 4D Arduino adaptor shield-II in the SK-GEN4-43DCT-AR starter kit
  • gen4-IB interface board
  • 4D-UPA adapter board
  • 4GB Industrial microSD Card
  • 150mm FFC cable
  • 5-way female-to-female ribbon cable with male-to-male adaptor
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