Abracon ABSTS5A2 SMD SAW Filters

Abracon ABSTS5A2 SMD SAW Filters offer an 869MHz to 2483MHz frequency range, up to 83.5MHz bandwidth, and a maximum +105°C temperature tolerance. These filters have 1.1mm x 0.9mm dimensions and provide high performance, selectivity, and low distortion. The series covers popular wireless standards such as cellular, Wi-Fi®, high precision GNSS, ISM, and BLUETOOTH®. Abracon ABSTS5A2 SMD SAW Filters are ideal for telecommunications, medical, and automotive applications due to their compact size, lightweight design, and reliability.


  • 869MHz to 2483MHz frequency range
  • Up to 83.5MHz bandwidth
  • Maximum +105°C temperature tolerance
  • 1.1mm x 0.9mm dimensions
  • SMD mount
  • RoHS compliant


  • Mobile
  • Telecommunications
  • GPS receivers
  • Navigation and position
  • Automotive (selective filters)
Publié le: 2021-07-21 | Mis à jour le: 2022-03-11