Abracon ASFL1 Crystal Clock Oscillators

Abracon ASFL1 Crystal Clock Oscillators feature a tri-state function, are suitable for high-density SMT, and come in a seam-sealed package that ensures high-reliability performance. ASFL1 oscillators offer a 0.321MHz to 133.33MHz frequency range, 2.97V to 3.63V supply voltage, and up to 15pF output load. Abracon ASFL1 Crystal Clock Oscillators are ideal for wireless communication, laptop computers, equipment connected to PC or PC cards, and thin equipment.


  • Tri-state function
  • Suitable for high-density SMT
  • Available tight stability option +/-20ppm
  • Seam-sealed package ensures high-reliability performance
  • Suitable for RoHS-compliant reflow process


  • CCD clock for VTR cameras
  • Equipment connected to PC or PC cards
  • Thin equipment
  • Wireless communication
  • Laptop computers
Publié le: 2021-05-10 | Mis à jour le: 2022-03-11