Abracon ASPI Molded SMD Power Inductors

Abracon ASPI Molded SMD Power Inductors are designed for switching frequencies from 100KHz to 2MHz and offer a maximum DC resistance of 177mΩ. These inductors are available in low-profile package sizes and demonstrate highly rated EMI shielding features to prevent interference and disruption to neighboring circuitry. ASPI inductors are constructed to meet the performance and reliability of challenging design-constrained applications in consumer and industrial markets. Abracon ASPI Molded SMD Power Inductors service DC/DC conversion topologies with superior power densities and efficiencies.


  • Shielded construction
  • Available in low-profile package sizes
  • Designed for switching frequencies from 100KHz to 2MHz
  • 177mΩ maximum DC resistance
  • Soft saturation
  • Low DCR, high efficiency
  • High saturation current (ASPI-6045T, ASPI-8030HS, ASPI-8040HS)


  • ASPI-F10x
    • Body electronics and comfort system
    • Infotainment and entertainment
    • Electric vehicles
    • Lighting
    • Solar inverters and power
    • Industrial and robotics
    • Medium- and high-power switch mode power supplies
  • ASPI-5x, ASPI-6x, ASPI-8x
    • DC/DC switching converters
    • Power supplies
      • Notebooks
      • Workstations
      • Servers
    • Low profile
    • High current, transient load applications
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