Crocus Technology CT425 XtremeSense® TMR Sensors

Crocus Technology CT425 XtremeSense® TMR Sensors are high bandwidth and use patented XtremeSense TMR technology. This technology allows for increased accuracy of current measurements for consumer, enterprise, and industrial applications. The sensors support eight current ranges. The integrated current carrying conductor (CCC) will handle up to 65A of current. It generates a current measurement as a linear analog output voltage and achieves a total output error of less than ±1.0% full-scale (FS).


  • Integrated contact current sensing for low to medium current ranges
    • 0A to +20A
    • -20A to +20A
    • 0A to +30A
    • -30A to +30A
    • 0A to +50A
    • -50A to +50A
    • 0A to +65A
    • -65A to +65A
  • Integrated current carrying conductor (CCC)
  • Linear analog output voltage
  • Total error output < ±1.0% FS
  • 1MHz bandwidth
  • Response time 300ns
  • UL/IEC 62387 certification
    • Rated isolation voltage >4 kVRMS 
    • Working voltage for basic isolation >701 VRMS 
    • Working voltage for reinforced isolation >344 VRMS
  • IEC 61000-4-5 certification
  • Low noise 9.0mARMS to 13.5 mARMS @ fBW = 100kHz
  • Supply voltage 4.75 to 5.50V
  • Filter function to reduce noise on output pin
  • Immunity to common mode fields -54dB
  • AEC-Q100 Grade 1 (under qualification)
  • 8-lead SOIC package


  • Solar/Power inverters
  • UPS, SMPS, and telecom power supplies
  • Battery management systems
  • Motor control
  • White goods
  • Consumer and enterprise electronics
  • Overcurrent fault protection

Block Diagram

Crocus Technology CT425 XtremeSense® TMR Sensors
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