Knowles IA8201 Dual Core Audio Processor

Knowles IA8201 Dual Core Audio Processor is specifically designed for advanced audio and machine learning applications, enhancing power-efficient intelligence, and privacy at the edge. Knowles IA8201 Dual Core Audio Processor offers robust voice activation and multi-microphone audio processing optimized for power-sensitive applications with the compute power to perform advanced audio output, context awareness, and gesture control for advanced consumer electronics.

Knowles IA8201 includes a 128-bit core (DMX) with a proprietary instruction set and a Tensilica HiFi3 core (HMD) with Knowles audio enhancements. The DMX is a 4-way floating-point SIMD processor targeted towards efficient performance computing (beam-forming, barge-in, AEC), while the HMD is targeted toward efficient, low-power, wake-on-voice applications with a two-way floating-point SIMD processor. Both cores contain dedicated accelerators for FFT, peak finding, and DNNs.

A rich set of audio, and general purpose high-speed interfaces enable flexible interfacing with digital microphones, other sensors, and a host for further processing. There are interfaces for 2x I2C, 2x SPI, 2x UART, 24x GPIO (with interrupts), and for audio: 4x PDM in, 2xPDM out, 3x I2S/TDM (4 channel in/out) to support up to four microphones. It includes 1.44Mbyte of single-cycle memory, with 1Mbyte available to store keyword models, engines or other algorithms.

The Knowles IA8201 Dual Core Audio Processor is available in a 2.6mm x 3mm eWLB or 6mm x 6mm QFN package.


  • Multi-core
    • HemiDelta for low power
    • DeltaMax optimized for compute and ML
  • Audio interfaces
    • Up to 4x PDM digital microphones
    • 2x stereo inputs
    • 4x mono inputs
    • 1x stereo output
  • Four mics, multiple high-speed interfaces, and GPIOs
  • 1.44MB RAM
  • Up to 3x I2S/TDM ports supporting eight channels each
  • Packages
    • eWLB - 3mm x 2.6mm x 0.715mm, 0.4 pitch, 42 ball
    • QFN - 6mm x 6mm x 0.75mm, 0.5 pitch, 40 lead


  • Low power voice wake
  • Proximity detection
  • Hub
  • Security system
  • Wireless earbuds
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