TE Connectivity Side Entry Bushing

TE Connectivity' s Side Entry Bushings (SEB) are pre-coiled, reusable silicone bushings designed to meet the requirements of high temperature applications rated to +180°C. TE developed the side entry bushings using a thermoformed, high-temperature resistant silicone material that naturally conforms to the tight bundle configuration of the application. The design of the standard SEBs does not include an adhesive layer which enables the product to be easily removed and reused. This innovative design enables one strip of TE's SEB to replace as much as 6 feet and 40 wraps of traditional tapes. Conforms to Mil Standard AMS-DTL-23053/10, MIL-PRF-46846 Type II Class 1 and Tyco Electronics RT-1140.


  • Fewer wraps needed than conventional silicone tapes
  • High temperature resistant silicone sleeve material rated to 180ºC
  • Thermally formed to conform to circular wire bundles
  • Re-usable
  • Trim to fit capabilities - fit any size saddle clamp/wire bundle combination
  • No adhesive layer for easy removal
  • Meets Mil Standard AMS-DTL-23053/10, MIL-PRF-46846 Type II Class 1 and RT-1140


  • Used in a non-environmentally sealed backshell and in clamping and wire management applications
Publié le: 2011-03-17 | Mis à jour le: 2022-03-11