Nisshinbo Micro Devices Inc. is a global analog solution provider focusing on energy management and signal processing. Nisshinbo Micro Devices was founded on Jan. 1, 2022, by integrating New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (NJR) and Ricoh Electronics Devices Co., Ltd. By utilizing NJR’s advanced microelectronics and microwave technology and Ricoh’s CMOS analog technology, the synergistic realization of the combined product lineups, engineering and product development expertise, and manufacturing capabilities enables Nisshinbo Micro Devices to better serve its customer base in the automotive, industrial, health, IoT, and wireless communications markets. Nisshinbo Micro Devices is based in Tokyo, Japan, with sales offices worldwide, and offers a wide range of products that include op amps, comparators, power management ICs, audio & video ICs, optical sensors, microwave radar sensors, and RF devices (LNAs, PAs, switches, filters, and FEMs).

Produits présentés par Nisshinbo

NA1150 Audio Switching Amplifier

NA1150 Audio Switching Amplifier - Bientôt disponible

Drives a loudspeaker with a pulse width modulated audio signal from the microcomputer.

NJW4790A AC/DC Flyback Converter

NJW4790A AC/DC Flyback Converter - Bientôt disponible

Features high efficiency and minimal standby power consumption.

GNSS Amplifiers & Module

GNSS Amplifiers & Module

Offer solutions for GNSS applications.

R5642L Overcharge Protection ICs

R5642L Overcharge Protection ICs

For 1 to 3 serial cells Li-ion/Li-polymer rechargeable battery.